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    1. 今天是:2022年12月15日

      產品類別 動物呼吸機| 動物麻醉機|

      產品品牌 harvard| 中國|


      • 名稱:桌上高級型小動物麻醉機
      • 型號:BS4 72-3004
      • 品牌:harvard
      • 類別:動物麻醉機
      • 公開報價:請電話咨詢
      • 銷售咨詢:010-63836252



      Harvard Apparatus的小動物麻醉機以其品種多、精度高和出色的可靠性而享譽世界,由于Harvard小動物麻醉機的型號及附件眾多,不能一一羅列。詳情與我們的工程師聯系。




      Basic Table Top Anesthesia Machine

       Economical benchtop anesthesia system
      •   Suitable for rebreathing and non-rebreathing circuits
      •   Accepts Tech3, Tech4 and Ohio-style vaporizers

      The Advanced Table Top Anesthesia machine is a compact table top version of the Vaporstick Plus, see page F17. The unit may be easily moved  from  room-to-room  or  with  the  optional  bracket,  BS4  72-3015, mounted on the wall. The lightweight design and compact size,L x W x H, 12 x 8 x 17 inches, allows the unit to be placed in areas where space is a premium.

      The  balanced  handle  makes  it  easy  to  move  the  unit.  The  baked-on‘powder-coat’ finish makes it easy to clean and is virtually chip-proof.This system features the same bored block design and CO 2 absorber cir-cuit as the Vaporstick Plus. It is available in three models with either a single O 2 flowmeter, dual O 2 flowmeters or a N 2 O and O 2 flowmeter.An owners manual is included with the anesthesia machine. The fol-lowing accessories are also included: F-circuit with 2-liter bag (BS472-3071, page F26), Modified Jackson Rees non-rebreathing circuit with 1/2 liter bag (BS4 72-3073, page F26), and CO 2 Absorbent (BS472-3022, page F22) and endcaps BS4 72-3043 and BS4 72-3044.


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